Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Silo Assault" - Short Action Film

Updated:  Hey guys and gals I have just finished up my latest short "Silo Assault!"  So you know, this video was made with the intention of adding gun sounds.  But after trying different things and sounds I felt the quality of the gun sounds did not match the video.  So instead I made a decision to just have music.

Ok, here are some fun facts about this video:  this is my second time ever using After Effects plus my first time ever using Action Essentials 2 (which I was kinda disappointed in the quality of the effects.)  This was my first attempt at ever inserting a false background into a shot (Did you notice?)  This video took me approximately 40 hours to make and it was shot within one hour while the sun was setting, so every shot kept changing.  Half of the clips are 1600 ISO using a 50mm lens and even some 3200 ISO shots towards the end.  Almost 90% of the shots taken were unusable due too...the guys not being able to hold back smiling.  Haha.  So in a sense I made this from scrap and made it work.  On top of that, one of the guys had to leave ASAP because he was on call for his EMT job.  So I then had to improvise...aka, killing him off.

One thing I will definitely need to build is a steadicam of some sort when using the 50mm.  Doing action like this with blurred shots makes it very difficult to track motion, so some form of steadiness is good.  The scene at the end with the building on fire was actually fully done up, but I decided that I liked the look of it blurred and I also liked the styling of the big after flash of the explosion. 

 Alrighty then, so I did some screen grabs from the short and have added them into this post so anyone who likes it enough can use it as a desktop wallpaper :)  Also, as far as how I did the styling of the video, ever shot is different and I used my Deadwall and On the Run v1 presets together, but tweaked.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On the Run v2 Preset up for Download!

Hey everyone here is my latest preset from my action short "On the Run."  This preset will most likely work with Sony Vegas Pro 10 only!  Please consider donating...anything and make sure you are subscribed to my channel!  Thanks and take care!

Just for something to compare to I applied this preset to a screen from my short "The Package."

Here is the download link:  On the Run v2

Here is the short if you haven't already see it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

"On the Run" Short Action Film

Today I am happy to introduce my latest video, "On the Run."  Its only just over a minute long, but it allowed me to use Adobe After Effects for the first time ever!  I also had the opportunity to us the downloadable Bonus Pack from Action Essentials 2 as my only source of effects.  Hope you enjoy this little short, and feel free to comment!  Thanks!