Thursday, March 8, 2012

New YouTube Layout Design

So a lot of people are upset about the new layout.  For me I welcome it and you may wonder why.  Well, first we have to realize that the old style was like a bad MySpace flashback.  Things were everywhere, couldn't read half the stuff on the page due to crude color mixing of text and backgrounds.  Some of us remember, while the new generations will not.  But with the new layout I think it will help create structure and bring a flight professional edge to it.  I myself have developed a new wall for my channel that takes advantage of the style.  I would love it if who ever may read this to visit my channel and leave me a comment!  Thanks all!

I also plan on redesigning this website as well.  Which will most likely reflect that of my channel...Kind of like when you go to WalMart and you already know where things are because they are all the same. 

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