Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY LED Light Panel - $6

Update:  I just did a little soldering and was easily able to combine the single beam led with the other four.  Now it appears my light output has almost doubled!

Hey everyone, its been a while, but I am back.  I wanted to share with you a simple light panel I designed.  Its cheap and easy to build.  It uses three led lights I purchased at Dollar Tree, a tupperware container with a clear lid and a velcro set with sticky sides.

Since Knoptop did such a great job with his write-up on this, I am going to refer you to check out his site:

To add to this build, I may create an updated version.  Possibly combining the first led light with the other four, which should result in a good light boost.  Anyway, here is the build, thanks for checking it out!


  1. My husband has been making LED panel projects like this. I will show your post to him for inspiration. Thanks!

  2. Nice post! thank you for sharing this.