Thursday, June 23, 2011

FiiO E5 and E3 for Shotgun Microphone

Updated 9-23-2011:  Here is the video I finally made with the comparisons on audio noise with and without these units, check it out! 

Well I just ordered myself the FiiO E3 and E5 off Amazon.  Totaling $30 free shipping.  The E5 was $22.50 and the E3 was just $7.50.  My hope is to test both in an attempt to remove audio noise / hiss while recording audio directly to my T3i from my HTDZ HT-320A shotgun mic.  Which itself is just a cheap mic I picked up off of ebay for $32 free shipping from good ole China.  Depending on what I find out after testing I will post a video outlining my results.  Hope it works!
FiiO E5 - USB chargeable internal battery
FiiO E3 - One AAA battery powered


  1. hi
    I thinking to buy E3 or E5 for the same purpose.
    Does it work ?
    Is E3 good enough ? or it must be E5 ?

  2. Well at this moment I still need to do more testing. The day I went to run my tests I noticed something wrong with my camera itself so that through me off from getting the results. But I will for sure let you know once I know. Thanks.

  3. Hi.
    I'm looking at off camera mics and am thinking about the HTDZ HT-320A shotgun mic.
    I can only find reviews of it used as a hand-held, do you know what it's like on a boom?