Thursday, September 15, 2011

GoPro meets DH 9053 RC Helicopter

Updated..again:  So I discovered after my rechargeable batteries arrived and were fully charged that the remote control doesn't work.  Awesome...Tried new regular batteries with no success.  So now I guess I will either be getting another one of these helicopters or a slightly different model.  I hope whatever it is it at least works!

Updated:  I am excited to show you guys a couple of new toys I got that I hope will allow me to capture some cool aerial footage!  One of those toys is something I have been wanting to get for a little while now and that is the GoPro HD Hero Motorsports edition.  Of course I hope to use this for more than just aerial shots, like for car driving and underwater shots as well, but aerial is something I have in mind for a short I would like to make.  The other toy is supposed to be a DH 9053 Volitaion RC Helicopter.  The reason I say is suppose to be is because I discovered the one I had received has different titling on the housing of the aircraft and came in a slightly different looking box.  I contacted Team RC about this and they replied that it is the exact same thing as the original, its just in a different box...and they put there logo on it.  Oh well, but here they are together!

Anywho, from what I have gathered this helicopter should indeed be able to carry and fly with the GoPro on board.  Now from what I have read this helicopter should do alright outside on very very low windy days and there seems to be a lot of videos for modifications you can do to increase its performance.  The hard part will probably be just figuring out how to fly the helicopter properly without crashes so I will have to practice flying before I go much further.  The other interesting thing will be figuring out how I will mount the camera so I may reduce vibration and help eliminate any jello effect that could occur.  But till then, look up GoPro and DH 9053 on youtube and you will find a couple of videos with them together.


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