Friday, September 9, 2011

"You're Beautiful" Ft Garrett

So the music video is done and out for your viewing pleasure!  A few things set this video apart from others and I will state them.
1.  We shot all the video sequences before he even completed his song!
2.  We shot everything in half of an afternoon, due to being rained out the day we were suppose to start.  With that we had to come up with new ideas on where to shoot and what because a lot of our plans depended on being outside...
3.  Garrett has no singing experience.
4.  Garrett just started learning how to play the guitar.
5.  I had no steadicam with me.
6.  His vocals were recorded on a PC headset

But that's enough for now I think.  Here is the video!  Make sure to thumbs it up and share!

Some things to keep in mind if you go to create a music video:  make sure the song is completed before shooting!, have a list of ideas written out on different cameras angles you would like to capture, decide if you will build a small story into the video, and make sure you bring everything you will need to shoot successfully.  I used my Kronox camera slider on a few shots but sadly it was sitting on very tipsy sawhorses, so once the camera got half way across the track..."tip."  But that's it for now, thanks for watching!

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