Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Package v1 Preset is Up for Download!

I am sure some of you are happy to see me offering another preset for Sony Vegas Pro 10 up for free download (donations most welcome...heck you could be the first to do so!).  I will go over a couple things about this preset and what you will discover with it as have I. 

One thing about it is that its very flexible, you could apply it, open it up and un-check a single adjustment which could allow your shot to show more light in the scene or color.  What I will say is that after I rendered out and uploaded my video with this preset, I started playing with the settings and I believe I could build a much more dynamic preset based off this one.  Hopefully one that will give an even sharper look, a bit less dark, and show more details in the shadow areas.  But you could certainly do that yourself with this one, you would just have to play with the settings.  That's all for now, I hope you enjoy it and remember this is for Sony Vegas Pro 10.

Go to my Sony Presets Tab and scroll to the bottom for the download link!  Click here to watch "The Package" to see it in action!

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