Friday, December 16, 2011

Dogman - World Premier

So here in Michigan, or at least Northern Michigan there is a song that gets played around Halloween every year, simply called "The Legend" by Steve Cook.  After man years of being on the radio it has finally been turned into a movie by Director Richard Brauer, titling it "Dogman."  I was actually able to attend the opening event to this movie, which was a first for me and a great experience.  Here below is the video I had captured of the red carpet event they had before heading inside.

While I was there I had the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Busch, who was secretly standing right behind me while I was taking pictures of inside the theater!  He seemed like a great guy, and was very entertaining for the part he played as well.  To bad I failed to mention my YouTube channel to him...But anywho, perhaps I will meet him again and maybe the others as well as my filming takes off and start to become a little more noticed.

For the movie I would say overall it was good, acting was great, there was just one thing that bugged me...Muzzle flashes!  Rich, if you somehow read this, those bad boys need fixing.  Other than that I found myself laughing half the time at the great humor of Larry Joe Cambell!  Here is a few images I snapped while there as well.

Tom Cilluffo

Stacie Hadgikosti

After attending this event it definitely got me pumped about making my own movie!  Time to start planning!

For more information about the actors and movie here is a great resource I found.

Link to the song's website for Steve Cook.

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