Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY Windscreen / Deadcat from $6 ~ $9

Hello everyone, here is my latest DIY for a windscreen / deadcat for your shotgun microphone.  The best part is there is zero construction involved!  How you ask?  Well its simple, as I came up with the idea of using a furry seat belt pad as a windscreen itself.  All for only $6.30 at Meijer.  Now I did find one like this on for about $6 in case you are unable to locate a local piece.  Below I have a video demonstrating it on and off in high speed winds so you can hear the difference!  I hope this becomes a popular alternative for some folks looking to film on the cheap.  Please make sure to comment on the video with any questions.  Thanks!

This video has also been posted on, and!

Check out there sites too as they have a ton of great information!

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