Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY Hot Shoe Adapter

Hello again, this posting is on how I made a DIY hot shoe adapter...or cold shoe. 

Whatever you want to call it.  This build will probably cost a couple bucks or perhaps $5 to $6 if you buy baggies of parts, but then you should be able to make at least four of these.  The key part to all of this is the 1/4" T-Nut.  Normally it is tipped with four spikes, but it turns out perfect if you break those points off that the base of the t-nut will slide right into the shoe mount like it were shaped like a square.

Along with the t-nuts you will also need a length of 1/4" threaded bolt.  The length simple depends on how long you want it as you will be cutting the head off the bolt so it is straight threads.  You will also need 5/16" washers, 7/16" nuts, 1/4" nylon lock nuts, and 1/4" wing nuts.

Basically you will end up cutting the bolt to the length you need, threading on the t-nut to the bottom of the cut threads, then on top drop on your 7/16" nut, then washer, thread on a wing nut, then thread on a wing nut facing the other direction.  It should look like this.

In the video you will see me explaining how to do this but I show you what I did to keep the threaded bolt from spinning inside the t-nut and also what you can do so you may attach this to a quick release plate!  So now you have a 1/4" thread on top so you may attach something like a portable audio record to the top of your camera or anything else you may wish to.  Now if you are wondering what the lock nut is for here is how I used this idea for my DIY shotgun mic mount.

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