Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Most Anticipated Movie of 2012 - Short Skit

Updated:  A short 10 second skit I put together for Film State on YouTube. My most anticipated movie for 2012!  This was a simple submission video I made real quick for Ryan Connolly of Film State / Film Riot.  He simply wanted to know what our most anticipated movie was going to be for 2012...Of course I don't know the meaning of simple!  Oh and as a side joke, his last episode he did this had No girls in it at all.  Maybe this will be his first!

But the movie I am waiting to see is "Act of Valor."  Which according to Ryan was shot with about 80% DSLR!  They even used LIVE AMMO and a rocket launcher!  Check it out and watch their trailer here:

My skit is on Film State!!  :D  at the 12:30 mark!  W00T  Check it out and Thumbs up the krotoflik comment below to help it get noticed.  Thanks!

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